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Man Diagnosed With ‘Chronic Lateness Condition’ at Appointment He Was 1.5 Hours Late For

Try using this excuse the next time you're late to work.
Even the Clock of the Long Now can't help poor Mr. Dunbar (Photo: Wikimedia)

Even the Clock of the Long Now can’t help poor Mr. Dunbar (Photo: Wikimedia)

If you have trouble getting to work on time, perhaps instead of being a standard issue lazybones you are afflicted with Chronic Lateness Condition, which is actually a real disorder. The Evening Telegraph reports that one man named Jim Dunbar, who has been late for practically everything for his entire life, was officially diagnosed with the condition at an appointment for which he showed up an hour and a half late.

The condition, which affects the same part of the brain as ADHD, makes it difficult for Mr. Dunbar to gauge how long tasks actually take to accomplish. As such, he’s pretty much late to everything, despite the fact that he has a clock tuned to a national transmitter that keeps the most accurate time possible.

Writes the Evening Telegraph:

Recently Jim, who now lives in Forfar, tried to go to the cinema. Knowing that it could be a problem getting to Dundee’s DCA for a 7pm show, he gave himself an 11-hour head-start.

He arrived 20 minutes late.

Suddenly your excuses for needing to push back brunch seem pretttttty lame.

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