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Larry Ellison Saves Malibu From Gross Poor People Food

Some people are just heroes.
"So I says to the guy, how much do you think lobster shiitake salad is SUPPOSED to cost?" (Photo: Getty)

“So I says to the guy, how much do you think lobster shiitake salad is SUPPOSED to cost?” (Photo: Getty)

Oracle chief Larry Ellison has saved Carbon Beach, a section of Malibu, from pink slime burgers and sticky, soda-covered floors by importing a couple of bougie restaurants.

The Hawaiian island overlord is also Carbon Beach’s biggest landowner, so he used his oracular influence to persuade Nobu Matsuhisa to toss the town a sushi resto, The Hollywood Reporter says. Great idea if they’re trying to lure the real Lindsay Lohan, who hasn’t been seen since her evil twin took over in 2004.

Mr. Ellison also tried to persuade Wolfgang Puck to open up in Carbon Beach, but was unsuccessful, THR reports. Instead, he “opened his own Italian-inclined Mediterranean restaurant, Nikita–named after his girlfriend, Ukrainian actress Nikita Kahn.”

So what’s Carbon Beach like, anyway? From THR:

 “It’s got a fun, beachy vibe, not stuffy at all,” enthuses Parks and Recreationwriter-producer Mike Scully. “Any celebrity would be proud to be arrested there.”

And with the addition of Mr. Ellison’s luxe restaurants, “You feel rich when you go to these places,” says Malibu-based realtor Madison Hildebrand, who stars on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing. “And you certainly pay for it.”

Sounds nice enough, but we’re thinking Bill Gates is not impressed.

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