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Google Glass App for Traders Will Let Them Watch Stock Prices Plummet While They Buy Their Hermès Ties

This will definitely help save the economy.
It'll be like this, but with Glass. (Photo: Getty)

It’ll be like this, but with Glass. (Photo: Getty)

As if being a Wall Street i-banker and working in a power suit till 4 a.m. every morning isn’t already appealing, now you can do it with a computer strapped to your face.  As Quartz reported yesterday, Fidelity Labs—sort of like the mad scientists’ division of Fidelity Investments—has developed a “market monitoring app” for Google Glass.

According to the product description, it’s “a powerful mobile solution providing you with daily market quotes for four major stock market indices…delivered directly to your Google Glass.” Well count us in!

So will this revolutionize the stock market, allowing brokers and traders to work with never-before-seen efficiency? Or will it be a damaging distraction, as employees become less interested in stock prices and more interested in nearby kosher delis? And won’t Glass get in the way of doing all those drugs? I mean stocks. Doing all those stocks.

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