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Employees of Multi-Million Dollar Startup Can’t Stop Walking Into Glass Doors

Put some tape on it!
(Photo: Brit + Co)

(Photo: Brit + Co)

Like a majestic bald eagle soaring through a church service, the employees of the San Francisco branch of the A.C. Moore Fan Club, also known as Brit + Co., simply can’t stop running into glass doors.

After nabbing a 9,700 square foot office space in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the glitter gluttons of DIY had to figure out how to decorate it. Step one: farm that whole problem out to readers, because for a company whose foundation is perched on the concept of individual creativity, no one who works there seems particularly creative. Step two, of course, is to keep the stable of Mini Marthas from accidentally walking into glass doors.

So Brit + Co did what they always do to problems ranging from how to decorate paperclips to how to make your keyboard look like kuwaii threw up on it: patch it up in washi tape!

According to the Brit + Co blog:

Obviously we needed some sort of stylish red flag to eliminate these embarrassing encounters, so we turned to our trusty friend washi tape to decorate our doors so they pop. Not only is it saving our faces, but it’s kind of the easiest upgrade ever!

Nothing quite like hurricane prep couture to brighten up a dull office space.

(h/t Valleywag)

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