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If You’ve Ever Sent a Dickpic, It Could End Up in a Bushwick Art Gallery Without Your Consent

Sent a pic of your junk? It could end up in a Brooklyn art gallery this week.


Four women have banded together to take the stash of dick pics they received over the summer and channel them into art (as long as you consider a blurry, up-close shot of a penis art). Vice reports that the show, entitled “Show Me More: A Collection of DickPix,” will be like a walkabout of NYC penises, with 300 dickpix framed and featured at a Brooklyn gallery.

The show sounds pretty awesome if you enjoy seeing hyper-zoomed-in images of dicks, but there is one niggling fact about it: the photos are being published without the men’s knowledge or consent. Additionally, the pictures weren’t gathered from knowing participants who were honestly solicited for pics of their junk; instead, they were compiled by the artist collective Femme Future, who didn’t let on what they were for, and one of whom even posed as a gay man on Grindr to collect 150 dick pics.

It’s pretty obvious what the outrage would look like were the genders in this story reversed, and revenge porn–the practice of publishing naked photos of someone online without their consent–is ethically unacceptable no matter your gender. But in response, the artists claim they’re doing it as a reaction to the feelings of assault women can feel when they randomly receive an unsolicited dickpic. They’re also posting each framed penis photo next to a picture of their own genitals, and there will be no names or faces that will make it possible to identify the dick owner.

Of course, there is the question of legality in posting a naked photo of someone without their consent. Vice reports that “if your dick appears in the show and you were misled about the solicitor’s true identity you have a chance at legal retribution.”

Regardless, the show is slated to debut August 23rd, and if you’ve sent a dickpic to anyone–anyone–this summer, yours could end up hanging on the wall for all to admire.

(h/t Chandra Steele)

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