Love in the Time of Algorithms

Bratty Couples Ban Tech at Their Weddings Because They Aren’t Getting Enough Attention Already

It's our #specialday guys.
Ahem, can't think of anyone we know of who's done this (via Business Insider)

Ahem, can’t think of anyone we know of who’s done this (via Business Insider)

When people aren’t paying attention to you, the best course of action is to enact strict rules that force them to look at you. At least, that seems to be the thought process of couples who are banning technology from their weddings, which is a trend now, CBS Miami reports.

Brides and grooms are banning phones not only during their wedding ceremonies, but also during the reception, when people are supposed to be having so much fun they don’t need to text. If your wedding reception doesn’t get Vined, Instagrammed and tweeted these days, though, did it even happen?

Many couples are using passive-aggressive signage to suggest their guests put the phones away. Others, like Diva Extraordinaire Sean Parker, take things a step further and ask their guests to physically separate themselves from their phones and leave them at the door, which is actually just a cruel and unusual way of trying to control other people.

CBS Miami¬†quotes one bride as saying, “I wanted it to be personal, I wanted it to be about my husband and I,” clearly not realizing that most relationships are utterly boring to outsiders and anyway weddings are like nine hours long these days, do we really have to stare at you guys the whole time?

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