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Bloomberg Is Testing a Bitcoin Ticker

It's just a prototype, though, so try to contain yourselves.
(Photo: Jane Quigley, Flickr)

(Photo: Jane Quigley, Flickr)

Well, here’s another sign that Bitcoin has hit the big time: Bloomberg is testing a Bitcoin ticker internally. This’ll end well.

The news comes from BTC Geek, which first got word when a Bloomberg employee was overheard yammering about it at last Monday’s Satoshi Square. (Tsk, tsk!) “This being on Bloomberg is big news because Bloomberg isn’t in it for the money – they don’t trade themselves,” says BTC Geek. “Bloomberg sees this as providing some form of information to its clients, it means people inside the financial world are serious about Bitcoin as a currency.”

London’s City A.M. confirmed the news with a statement from Bloomberg, which stressed it’s just a prototype for employees only, and it may never see wider release:

Bloomberg is testing Bitcoin data, but this is only accessible to internal users and not Bloomberg Professional service subscribers. We often prototype new functions and dashboards; some that are eventually rolled out, and some that aren’t. It’s premature to provide any details about Bloomberg’s plans for this prototype at this stage.

Let’s just take a moment to savor the mental image of French-cuffed investment bros eagerly tracking the ups and downs of the ultimate neckbeard thought experiment, shall we?

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