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15-Year-Old Son of CNN Head Quits Waywire Board After Press Finds Out 15-Year-Old Is on Waywire Board

"You beat all of Halo 3? That's the kind of experience we need!"
(Photo: Wikipedia)

Mr. Booker (Photo: Wikipedia)

Any seasoned Valley-ite knows that the quickest way to startup success is to stock your board with influential, moneyed yes-men: that’ll at least guarantee you a seamless acquisition and subsequent absorption into a corporate borg should the business plan shrivel into dust.

Newark mayor Cory Booker’s digital video site Waywire took this cue from the Valley when it appointed Andrew Zucker, the 15-year-old son of CNN president Jeff Zucker, to the startup’s board. This was news to many readers of a New York Times story yesterday, which highlighted Mr. Booker’s influence in the tech community alongside the innerworkings of the struggling startup. The appointment of the younger Mr. Zucker was quickly categorized as pretty damn unsavory.

Now, CNN reports that Mr. Zucker has resigned from the board following the negative press, which is good because he should probably be getting high and playing lacrosse or something. Dude is 15.

Mr. Booker, who is a cofounder of the video curation platform, reportedly had nothing to do with the appointment. He was probably too busy promising to help a woman with her raccoon infestation.

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