While Scouring the House for Spare Change, Zynga Decided to Sue Bang With Friends

Zynga isn't here to make friends.
Bang With Friends.

Bang With Friends.

Devoid of any other ideas to generate cash, Zynga is now suing the owners of Bang With Friends because the Words with Friends owner feels the name is infringing on its trademark.

The struggling mobile gaming studio develops popular games that commonly end with the “With Friends” moniker (Words, Chess, Running, etc.) and asserts that Bang With Friends used it to gain popularity. 

Zynga insists that the Bang With Friends branding was registered last year with their “trademarks fully in mind” according to the complaint filed yesterday in a San Francisco court. The studio wants Bang With Friends to stop using its name and unspecified damages.

Bang With Friends has not responded to comment from Bloomberg presumably because they were too busy getting lucky.

(Via Bloomberg)

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