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Website Tells You Exactly How Hellishly Hot the L Train Platforms Are

It's hot out there if you don't know that.
Probably hot there. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Probably hot there. (Photo: Wikipedia)

According to, it feels like an oppressive 106 degrees outside this afternoon, so you can imagine how diabolical the temperature is underground. But now you don’t have to: Thanks to “L Degrees,” you can know exactly how abominable it is at some subway stops along the L.

A quick browse shows that temperatures range between 107 at the 1st Ave. stop to 113 degrees at 14th St. Those hipsters riders won’t be sweating ironically.

Created by Julian Cole and Kristian Henschel, the year-old site estimates the temperature by combining the outside reading and data collected from “countless readings looking at the difference between above ground temperature and platform temperature.”

So it’s not the most scientifically accurate reading, but when the weather is this sweltering, does it matter?

(H/T Amber Gordon)

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