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Thank God: Subway e-Ticketing May Soon Become a Reality

Maybe next they will do something about crinkly snack wrappers and loud chewers.

NJ_Transit_Multilevel_7014_on_Train_6651Anyone who’s ever waited in line for a MetroCard or set foot in the soul-sucking purgatory that is the Port Authority will be excited for the following news: British analysts believe mobile transit ticketing is set to triple in the next five years, according to Wired

The system could be similar to the barcodes used on airline boarding passes, Wired reports. The ticketing apps can also be used to provide service updates and routing options because your phone and ticket will be in sync, so cue the conspiracy theorists saying this is just a dastardly plot that will enable the government to know where we are at all times.

From Wired:

Much of the growth in mobile ticketing will take place in the U.S., where cash-strapped transit agencies have been slow to adopt the smartphone as a ticket. Mobile ticketing has already taken off in some markets, with Asia rapidly embracing the tech and with over 65 percent of bus riders in Sweden paying for their trips by phone.

You hear that, Mass Transit Powers That Be? Please, bring this trend to the U.S. — even though, with our luck, our preferred NJTransit lines and the MTA will be the last to take advantage of it.

[Correction: A previous version of this post implied that NJTransit does not use e-ticketing at all. In fact, NJTransit rolled out a mobile ticketing pilot program and MyTix app for its Pascack Valley Line in April.]

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