Kickstart or Kill

Someone’s Trying to Raise $100K on Kickstarter for a Bitcoin Movie

Maybe just hit the Winklevoss twins up for some dough?
This is what a Bitcoin user looks like.

This is what a Bitcoin user looks like.

Surely this is some sort of startup Singularity: Someone is trying to raise $100,000 via Kickstarter in order to make a documentary that would educate the world about Bitcoin and its global “socioeconomic impact.”

Says one interviewee featured in the sizzle reel, “There should be a lot more documentaries because of the complexity of how Bitcoin works.”

Sounds riveting.

So what’s all that money for? Travel expenses, basically. The producers say they want to interview users around the world, and a hundred grand means they can go to four countries. If they get to $200,000, they can go to 10. So far they’ve only raised $2,472, but they’ve got until August 15.

Unfortunately, the project sounds like it’s just a big informercial, rather than a documentary about the personalities that’ve clustered around the currency. The makers say they’d like to achieve goals like, “complete the Bitcoin ecosystem and help build Bitcoin’s infrastructure,” which doesn’t particularly sound like it’ll be an impartial assessment.

We’d probably cough up a fiver for a sitcom about a couple of Bitcoin-mining bros, though.

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