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Science Says It’s Totally Fine to Pee in the Ocean

Not that you were waiting for science to ok your bladder decisions.
We can pee in the ocean!!! (Photo: Wikimedia)

We can pee in the ocean!!! (Photo: Wikimedia)

There’s something about the motion of the ocean that can evoke the need to pee–or it could just be all those High Lifes you crushed while soaking up the rays. Peeing in the ocean is pretty nasty, though beachgoers tend to operate on a “don’t ask, don’t tell” pee policy.

Luckily for those environmentally conscious ocean pee-ers among us, one enterprising science reporter named Lauren Wolf has taken it upon herself to study the effect human urine has on the sea. And as it turns out, peeing in the ocean isn’t necessarily bad for the ecosystem–it’s just disgusting for anyone in your general vicinity.

“No question, pee in the ocean,” biochemist Stuart Jones told Ms. Wolf. “Urine is harmless stuff in the first place and is diluted to the point of insignificance within minutes. There are far more harmful things in the ocean to worry about!”

We’d alert Jersey Shore goers of this exciting news, but we’re pretty sure they’ve been peeing in the Atlantic for decades, science be damned.

(h/t PopSci)

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