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Rumor Roundup: Tumblr Takes Over NASDAQ and Jack Dorsey Will Sell You This Pencil Sketch for $1,000

Art. (Photo: Dorsey)

Art. (Photo: Dorsey)

Jack of all trades If you recently moved to a new apartment and are looking for some non-Ikea works to spruce up the place, Twitter cofounder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has just the item for you. The creative Mr. Dorsey has put a pencil drawing he did up for sale on Square’s marketplace. For just $1,000, you can own a 4-panel pencil sketch of a gingko leaf, appropriately signed by “@jack.” But you might want to wipe that sneer off your face: the proceeds go directly to Charity:Water, so we don’t think Mr. Dorsey will be launching a personal moneymaking venture as an artist anytime soon.

Instadoxx A civilian used Instagram to doxx Leonardo DiCaprio’s notoriously private living quarters last Friday, the New York Post reports. @Teridactyyl, whose account is currently set to private, posted a photo of a group of ladies on some sort of swanky outdoor couch overlooking what appears to be Los Angeles, with the caption, “Casa de Leo #yolo.” The Post believes one of the women looks like Leo’s GF Toni Garrn. We have a feeling @Teridactyyl won’t be invited back to Mr. DiCaprio’s sweeping balcony anytime soon.

Flower boy Step right up to see exuberant Internet man Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest trick. The CEO used his Twitter account as a platform for a competition to see which florists’ social media editors weren’t asleep at the wheel.

Mr. Vaynerchuk tweeted a question: which flower shop is NYC’s best? H. Bloom replied with its number, and he called them to order some flowers for his wife. To detail his little caper, the social media pro selected, inexplicably, LinkedIn, where he also urged readers to buy their wives and girlfriends flowers today, July 12, for no particular reason. Betaboyfriends, if you’re reading this, there’s still time.

Ring my bell Tumblr founder David Karp, who is now part of the Yahoo borg, joined the stage alongside a gaggle of Tumblr employees at the NASDAQ on Thursday to ring the opening bell. The NASDAQ tower, which is basically a giant electronic billboard in Times Square, played a looping real of animated gifs in the company’s honor.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also joined the Tumblr team at the NASDAQ, but primarily for moral support. “So proud of the Tumblr team at the Nasdaq opening,” she wrote on–of course–her Tumblr. “My job was just to go and take pictures to capture the occasion and cheer them on.”

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

Whatever happened to class? A photo from this week’s Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference of Hollywood producer Brian Grazer and wife Veronica Smiley, and Jack Dorsey and girlfriend Kate Greer. And according to popular opinion, they’re not dressed to impress.

“Where did the proudly spendthrift Dorsey go shopping, so he could come out looking like a Banana Republic mannequin?” asks the Gawker article that originally criticized the quartet’s garb.

We’ll agree that they’re not the best-dressed group we’ve ever seen. But on the other hand, don’t their clothes fit in with the relaxed, we-have-a-popcorn-machine-in-our-office kind of vibe that’s dominating today’s tech industry? Plus, models look good in anything.

Karp Report If the charismatic charm of Mr. Karp wasn’t enough during his May press tour following the Yahoo! purchase, the anti-hipster’s hipster is going to be on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report on Tuesday. It doesn’t sound like his handler Marissa Mayer will be joining him, so he’ll have to face the sarcastic darts thrown at him by Mr. Colbert solo. Let’s hope he handles it better than he did on Good Morning America.