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Rumor Roundup: Somebody Crashed a Drone Into a Williamsburg Rooftop and Techies Celebrate the Fourth

Look out below Anyone lost a drone? It seems recently a GoPro Helicopter crashed onto photographer Joey L.’s roof in Brooklyn. In an attempt to get the device back to its rightful owner, he posted a video on Instagram, complete with crash footage and then himself, holding up the helicopter. So if you’ve managed to lose your drone somewhere over Brooklyn, well, you know who to call.

Checking in to the doctor Foursquare cofounder Dennis Crowley was playing a nice game of soccer this week when he got into a nasty collision with another player. Fearing that he’d broken his ankle, he checked into the doctor’s office and got an x-ray done. Lucky for him, it’s just a bad sprain, though he wrote on his Instagram that it “hurts real bad.” Get well soon, Dens, or else your overactive Nike Fuel Band might become sentient and shame us all into exercising.

Bonfire of the vanities Foursquare VP of engineering Harry Heymann donned a headlamp and managed a container of fuel to keep the bonfire going at Amagansett Beach, according to an Instagram from Curbed founder Lockhart Steele.

So @harryh rules the beach bonfire. #ops

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Baby you’re a firework Everyone everywhere managed to Instagram pictures of fireworks, including some notable techies. But first off, let Randi Zuckerberg teach you how to take a great firework pic.

Brooklyn Bridge Ventures VC Charlie O’Donnell had a less than ideal view for the NYC show over the Hudson.

Well, sort of… Happy 4th..ish.

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Meanwhile, Thrillist cofounder Ben Lerer found some bone suckin’ sauce.


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Jack Dorsey’s (still un-verified) dad Tim Dorsey created a “Twitter fountain” with fireworks.

Here’s 500 Startups founder Dave McClure’s fireworks snap.

fireworks #nofilter

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Meanwhile, WeWork’s Ben Kessler and GroupMe’s Steve Spillman had the same ol’ fear, albeit on opposite coasts.

Magna data holy grail As it turns out, Jay-Z’s new album, which was released exclusively via the Samsung Galaxy, is actually a massive data mining ploy. An Atlanta rapper named Killer Mike tweeted the exact permissions the album’s app wants to access, and they include the ability to modify your USB storage, check your GPS and monitor your phone logs. Not cool, Jay.

The view from the top Uber employees were advertising their temporary swag helicopter service to the Hamptons via Twitter all week. Strategic adviser Shervin Pishevar tweeted a panoramic photo of the view from the UberChopper, while Uber’s GM Josh Mohrer showed workers wiling away the weekend at their computers in the UberChopper “control room.” We can sympathize with the three schmucks at their computers, trying vainly to ignore the July Fourth Weekend sunlight. But the only thing Mr. Pishevar’s airborn tweet promotes for most of us is serious day-trip FOMO.

Blow-nuts for cronuts One pervy New Yorker attempted to make the cronut craze work for him by trading pastries for poon tang. He posted an ad on Craigslist asserting that he’d give the baked goods to the right woman — as long as she was willing to, er, swallow his own cronuts, as well.

The ad was posted with the headline, “Seeking cronut slut – m4w – 34 (Downtown)” on June 26, but has since been removed, although a screenshot lingers on The Daily Dot. It read, “I want a dirty little slut who is willing to blow me for a genuine Dominique Ansel cronut.” Can’t imagine why they took that down!

Meanwhile, those who want to procure their cronuts in a more G-rated manner will be pleased to know the cronut black market is growing even stronger than it was when we first got wind of it. Why wait in line when you can have a cronut delivered to your door for the low price of $45?