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NYU Is Offering a Course on 3D Printing If You Want to Waste Your Parents’ Money

How do you 3D print an eyeroll?
3D Printer. (Photo: MakerBot)

3D Printer. (Photo: MakerBot)

New York University is now offering a class in the fine art of 3D printing, giving Gallatin students a run for their money in the “most insipid course” department.  The “intensive” session runs for three weeks, six hours a day, and hopes to enlighten the public about all of the “creative ideas” that can be brought to fruition with the magic of 3D printing (like making guns!).

The description reads:

Industries such as architecture, fine art sculpture, dentistry, medical device design, education, and product design are enhanced by visualization techniques—as are toys, collectibles, jewelry, and other consumer products.

For $3,000, students will learn how to do a variety of things with a 3D printer,including “design projects, create objects using 3D software, and learn how to optimize cost-effective printing.”

We suppose not everybody can major in evil.

(H/T AnimalNY)

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