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‘NYC Votes’ App Aims to Drag Elections Out of the Stone Age

Good luck with that, seriously.
Who would ever want to replace such elegant, modern machinery? (Photo: Getty)

Who would ever want to replace such elegant, modern machinery? (Photo: Getty)

Voting in America is so annoying, it can make you miss the days when we were presided over by inbred British monarchs bound by laws of primogeniture.

Okay, nothing is actually that annoying, it’s just the royal baby fever talking. But voting in the U.S.A. is stuck in the mid-20th century. It’s a procedure that could use some updating, for the sake of both accuracy and convenience.

Luckily, a group called NYC Votes is taking a cue from more plugged-in democracies like Estonia, because when a country most Americans probably can’t point out on a map is ahead of us technologically, it’s time for an update. NYC Votes hasn’t figured out how to digitize the voting experience yet — but they’re trying to head that way.

NYC Votes is trying to “bring many facets of the political process into the 21st Century,” Wired.com reports. The group is starting with a mobile app that will streamline campaign donations, letting NYC candidates “collect credit card donations on their smartphones and submit them digitally to the New York City Campaign Finance Board.”

The app will not only streamline the notoriously sticky campaign finance process, but also allow candidates and workers to solicit and collect donations on the spot. And we thought getting hassled to sign petitions was annoying.

Later this year, NYC Votes will roll out a Voter Engagement Tool, “where voters will be able to find relevant information about elections, donate directly to candidates, and more,” Wired.com reports. We will be waiting with bated breath for the app to roll out a section for politicians’ leaked sexts and shirtless pics.

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