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NYC Security Supervisor Accidentally Email Blasts a Picture of His Penis to Everyone at Work

There's no way a penis looks flattering on a Blackberry.
Don't sext on these. (Photo: Lionsdenu)

Don’t sext on these. (Photo: Lionsdenu)

It happens to the best of us: You think you’re sending a mundane email blast en masse to your coworkers, but instead you accidentally send a picture of your penis. Gerard Robson, a security supervisor at JFK airport, can testify to that. While attempting to send the proper photos of a fender bender, he mistakenly attached a photo of a “waist down, naked penis out, belly and all” on his company-issued Blackberry.

As the New York Post “exclusively” reports (holiday week!), the picture was sent in late June to two dozen of his coworkers and higher-level executives at the Port Authority. Mr. Robson decided the best way to deal with his accidental dick pic was to ”rush off” to delete the picture from computers and cellphones. It didn’t work.

The Post obtained his mea culpa letter he sent to his colleagues:

“Earlier this morning, while I was sending out a notification regarding a Motor Vehicle Accident, I had taken several pictures of the vehicle,’’ the e-mail said.

“In error, I accidentally attached a very inappropriate photo and without realizing the mistake, continued to send out the notification with the photograph attachment. Please accept my sincere apology as I am truly [sic] sorry for my actions.”

A company spokesman confirmed to the Post that he’d been suspended from the job, and quipped that his next career will be running for mayor.

Maybe this will be the impetus for Snapchat to develop a version for the Blackberry.

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