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Hamptons ‘Douche Spotter’ Exposes East End Asshats via Facebook

Watch out, dudes who wear socks with sandals.
Yes, that is a dog in a high chair. (Screengrab: Facebook)

Yes, that is a dog in a high chair. (Screengrab: Facebook)

Happy July Fourth Weekend! Now watch your butt if you’re in the Hamptons, because The Internet is watching.

A frustrated Hamptons townie local has taken to Facebook to air his disapproval of douchey day-trippers — also known as “cidiots.”

The Hamptons “Douche spotter” page highlights “men pumping gas in Speedos, grown women arguing over parking spots and clueless moms getting high-end strollers stuck in the sandy beach,” according to the New York Post.

Construction worker James Cuomo, 26, told the Post he was inspired to undertake the noble project when he “saw a guy doing something really annoying” and “just wanted to punch him in the face.” Instead of turning to violence, he opted for viral online shaming. And boy are we glad he did. Even Heather Mills McCartney is allegedly featured on the site, the Post reports.

The first person Mr. Cuomo posted to the page was a man in a poncho cutting the line at Starbucks. Since then, the site has “exploded” and an unofficial street team is sending photos to Mr. Cuomo. It features pics of dubious driving, sartorial missteps and perhaps most egregiously, a signed $433 restaurant tab with no tip.

Anyone who’s lived year round in a shore town will feel a vicarious thrill at Mr. Cuomo’s success in calling the fools out. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re creating our very own Douche spotter for Asbury Park and all points south.

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