Google Glass Beta Tester Blew His Classmates Out of The Water With This Tesla S App

Does everything but the driving.
Glasstesla does this.

Glasstesla does this.

What do you do if you’re a Google Glass beta tester and a Tesla owner? Aside from eating caviar for every meal, you hack together an app that controls the electronic car via the use of your face computer. Sahas Katta, a software engineer, did that with the creation he brilliantly calls the “Glasstesla.”

Since “Glasstesla” isn’t yet technologically advanced to do the driving for him, Mr. Katta says the app is used when his Tesla is parked. The app can change the car temperature, lock the doors and set a location function just in case he forgets where the car is parked at the Stanford Shopping Center.

Mr. Katta said he’s developing the app to be used while driving since it’s easier to look at than Tesla’s in-car display system. And that also might be illegal. The app is available for download on his website.

Anyway, he said that until then, it’s perfect for his trip to Whole Foods:

“We’ll soon be able to do something along the lines of being able to say ‘OK Glass, open the trunk,’ for when you’re carrying groceries and your hands aren’t free,” said Mr. Katta. “I think this absolutely highlights the potential of wearable technology and how it will interact with the tools we use every day.”

Also, if your Tesla S breaks down you can always use glass to order up an Uber.

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