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Clap On, Clap Off: Remove This Bra Simply By Clapping Your Hands

Clapper lights ain't got nothin' on this.
(Photo: Instructables)

(Photo: Instructables)

If there’s one bone-deep pubescent terror that stays with dudes long after their first sloppily successful makeout sesh, it is this: the back clasp of a bra, just two tiny pieces of metal, becoming a goddamn Rubik’s cube in the heat of the moment. Women are forced to stoically stare at a blank spot on the wall, as if time is frozen, while partners inexpertly fumble to unclasp it before finally just giving in and doing it themselves.

But now, there’s this: in an effort to help usher lingerie into the digital age, artist Randy Sarafan created the “Clap-Off Bra,” a piece of wearable tech that uses an Arduino and a host of other gadgets to create a bra that literally falls to the floor when you clap. He even laid the steps out in an Instructable so readers can create their very own clappable bra.

Who says tech isn’t tackling the important issues?

(Video NSFW)

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