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BuzzFeed Chairman Ken Lerer Launching New Site to Bring More Animals to Your Internet

Look out, BuzzFeed Animals.


Are there not enough animals on your Internet? Do you ever open up your browser and navigate to YouTube or Twitter or Facebook and think, “Man, this Internet I’m on here could really use some more pictures of cute puppies.” BuzzFeed chairman and Huffington Post cofounder Ken Lerer has you covered.

According to TechCrunch, Mr. Lerer is partnering with his own daughter Isabel and former Salon editor in chief Kerry Lauerman to launch a new site called The Dodo, which will publish a combination of “‘content and commerce’ exploring the topic of humans’ relationship with animals.” So, think pieces about cat videos?

Not quite. Like BuzzFeed, The Dodo plans to host a 75/25 percent split of fun viral content vs. serious reported pieces. There will also be a PETA-esque element to the content. Writes TechCrunch:

In addition to lighter fare, The Dodo will also feature stories related to humans’ involvement with animals, including advice for the nearly 70 percent of households that include a pet, tips on healthy and sustainable eating, news on endangered species, as well as stories about animal rights and exploitation, like that which is found in puppy mills and circuses, for example.

Mr. Lerer is providing seed funding and office space for the new venture.

Last week, he hinted in a New York Times Q&A that he’d be working with his daughter Isabel on a new site, adding that he has no problem whatsoever with nepotism. And he shouldn’t–he also works with his son, Thrillist cofounder Ben Lerer, at their VC firm Lerer Ventures.

If The Dodo does end up directly competing with BuzzFeed’s Animals vertical, we know where Mr. Lerer’s loyalties lie. “Family first,” he said.

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