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Bon Voyage! Steve Schlafman Is Leaving Lerer Ventures for RRE

Changing it up after two years.
Mr. Schlafman (twitter)

Mr. Schlafman (twitter)

There’s a little shuffling in the city’s VC scene this morning. VC Steve Schlafman has announced (via his Tumblr) that he’ll be leaving Lerer Ventures to join RRE. He’ll be a principal focused on Series A investments (as opposed to his seed stage work at Lerer).

We like to imagine that when you leave Lerer you get Smirnoff iced as a send-off, but maybe that’s just us.

“RRE has been at the center of New York’s start-up community since the early 90s and now manages approximately $1 billion in committed capital across five funds,” Mr. Schlafman explains the move. “There are very few NYC-based firms today with more experience finding great founders, helping entrepreneurs, and building awesome businesses.”

But as for the crowd at Lerer Ventures, it sounds like it’s just goodbye for now, though: “I look forward to collaborating on future deals and building stronger ties between Lerer and RRE.” Mr. Schlafman will start at RRE in September, after his wedding (dawww).

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