Area Opinion Writer Would Like to ‘Repeal the Internet’

"We would be better off without it." - Thing somebody actually said about the Internet.
(Photo: hammillpost.com)

(Photo: hammillpost.com)

Robert Samuelson, a Washington Post opinion writer who has apparently never used Seamless, does not believe the benefits of the Internet outweigh its negatives. In fact, he is so terrified by the thought of cyberwarfare and NSA spying that if he could, he would “repeal the Internet.”

In yesterday’s Post, Mr. Samuelson used his platform to do what most of us do on Gchat: complain about the Internet. But instead of worrying about nasty commenters and slow-loading porn, he tackled the darker side of the web. While noting the “pleasures” of YouTube, iTunes and GPS, Mr. Samuelson wrote:

the Internet’s benefits are relatively modest compared with previous transformative technologies, and it brings with it a terrifying danger: cyberwar. Amid the controversy over leaks from the National Security Agency, this looms as an even bigger downside.

He goes on to address a few real dangers that come hand-in-hand with the web, including fears about hacking important infrastructure like power grids. But instead of arguing that we should work on fortifying these networks against dangerous hackers, Mr. Samuelson would instead like to “repeal” the Internet. Hey WaPo, think you could afford to give this guy a vacation? Sounds like he kind of needs it.

Join Mr. Samuelson next week when he learns about Snapchat and lobbies to repeal penises.

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