Area Man Utterly Unimpressed by Futuristic Face Computer

"A computer right in front of your eyes? Meh."
(Photo: Tomma Henckel, via

(Photo: Tomma Henckel, via

What’s that? You’ve developed a pair of computerized glasses that allow you to take pictures, record video, pull up directions, send messages and make calls all with a few simple voice commands? Well, that sounds lame.

Freelance tech journalist Ron Miller was excited to sign up for the Google Glass Explorers program, which delivers a beta version of the device to users at the steep price of $1,500. But when he finally got a chance to try out Glass, he wasn’t blown away the way he thought he might be. Toggling through a carousel menu was tiresome, and its functionality is pretty limited at the moment. So, Mr. Miller decided to return the device.

Writes Mr. Miller:

Glass didn’t call out to me each day. I found the computing style tiresome. As you can imagine, the form factor limits the way you interact with it….Despite what Larry Page said, I actually do prefer to pull my phone out of my pocket. It’s easier for me and less awkward than looking up and trying to manipulate this device and see the small screen.

We’ve tried Glass and have to agree with certain elements of Mr. Miller’s prognosis. But it’s worth remembering that this is a computer for your face. Just 20 years ago computers weighed more than a small child and took up your entire desk: now we can walk around with them perched on our noses. That in itself is pretty damn cool–though perhaps not yet worth $1,500.

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