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Airbnb Hiring ‘Heart Baker’ To Make Holistic Vegan Cronuts for Its Employees

Unlimited weed cookies, then?
(Photo: myheartstaging.com)

(Photo: myheartstaging.com)

Apartment sharing service Airbnb may have hit some legal snags in New York, but that isn’t stopping it from partying like a bubble times startup should. The company recently listed a position for “Heart Baker” on its jobs page, which is just culty startup speak for a regular baker. As in: someone to come into the office every day and bake desserts for the company’s no-doubt starving employees. Because who wants to hustle without a belly full of vegan cake?

According to the listing:

The baker will create, design, and deliver a high-volume, made-with-love baking and healthy dessert program in our fun and growing office food environment.  A collaborative and entrepreneurial role, this chef will take the lead in much of the in-house production of baked goods, snacks and other staples that will set our food program apart as a model for responsible and holistic food service.

Ideally, the candidate will also have an understanding of “raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, paleo and whole grain products.” You hear that? No grossly caloric desserts made by people with hatred and cholesterol constricting their heart valves: just gluten-free, applesauce-instead-of-oil cookies infused with love and kindness. So basically Airbnb is hiring a baker who is not allowed to use any actual baking ingredients.

Hmm, we think we might have a good applicant in mind.

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