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Campers Geek Out with Google at a Science-and-Tech-Themed Chelsea Street Fair


“Have you ever watched Star Wars?” A volunteer in a Maker Camp t-shirt asked a kid walking through this afternoon’s Geek Street Fair at 14th Street Park. When she paused, he whipped out a slinky, connected it to some sort of noise distortion machine, and suddenly there were the familiar laser sounds. For his efforts, he got a shy brace-faced smile.

Google hosted several geeky groups for the event this afternoon, including Maker Camp, the New York Hall of Science and the American Museum of Natural History. (The latter brought skulls!) For good measure the company invited various summer programs from around the city, so the small public space was packed with kids milling around in identifying t-shirts–the Jamaica YMCA, Medgar Evers College, ASPIRA. Read More

Oh the Humanities

If You Want a Job You Should Major in Drama, Not Tech

How else do you expect to find friends like this?

Did you think your generic tech degree was going to be useful? Not so fast — it appears the tides have turned and theatre majors are, for some strange reason, getting jobs more easily than tech students are.

Among recent theatre grads, 6.4 percent are unemployed — compared to the 14.7 percent of information systems graduates who are unable to find work, USA Today reports, giving credence to some professors’ recent claim that liberal arts degrees are totes useful. Read More


While Scouring the House for Spare Change, Zynga Decided to Sue Bang With Friends


Devoid of any other ideas to generate cash, Zynga is now suing the owners of Bang With Friends because the Words with Friends owner feels the name is infringing on its trademark.

The struggling mobile gaming studio develops popular games that commonly end with the “With Friends” moniker (Words, Chess, Running, etc.) and asserts that Bang With Friends used it to gain popularity.  Read More


Booting Up: Get Excited for Neat New 15-Second TV-Style Video Ads On Your Facebook

This is a Surface. (Photo: Microsoft)

Facebook is planning to roll out 15-second video ads that could fetch as much as $2.5 million a day. The invention of the TV-style adverts is part of the social network’s plan to capture some of the billions in advertising that are typically funneled to TV networks. [Bloomberg]

Microsoft has only generated $850 million in revenue from the Surface tablet. [GeekWire]

You could book reservations on OpenTable and if all goes well, you might soon be able to pay for it using the app. [New York Times]

If you’re a lucky Google Glass Explorer winner, then some of you are getting the chance to invite a friend to the program to drum up interest. [ZDNet]

More VCs prefer to use LinkedIn than Twitter: 95 percent of them have profiles on the business-centric site compared to 64 percent who are on Twitter. [PEHub]


Geek Chic? Not So Fast: New York’s Wearable Tech Conference

A model wears the Misfit around her neck.

“So where is wearable technology going?” asked Monisha Perkash, the CEO of LUMO BodyTech (maker of a posture-monitoring waistband), as she stood center stage at last week’s Wearable Tech Conference on the NYU campus. Ms. Perkash answered her own question: “It is becoming integrated into our day-to-day lives,” she said. “It’s going into fabric.”

Fellow panel member Sonny Vu—whose company, Misfit, makes a fitness tracker that looks like a tiny chrome button—agreed: “I believe we’re going to move from an era of stuff on your body to one where, hopefully, we’re back to where we were in 1990,” before everyone was bristling with visible gadgetry, he speculated. Read More