Jesus died for our selfies

Your Cool Aunt Hillary Clinton Just Took Her First Selfie

No duckface, though.
#nofilter (Screengrab: Twitter)

#nofilter (Screengrab: Twitter)

Hillary Clinton is furthering her social media evolution by getting into the selfie game, less than one week after she created her own Twitter account.

Technically, daughter Chelsea took the selfie. She tweeted it this afternoon with the caption, “My first #selfie w my mom @HillaryClinton back stage at #CGIAmerica. #ProudDaughter.” 

Mrs. Clinton later reposted the photo in an MT, or modified tweet, which is advanced-level Twitter shorthand and kind of makes us think maybe she’s got an assistant handling this. If she’s already learned the difference between MTs and RTs and subtweets on her own, we’re impressed.

She added, “Having so much fun with Chelsea, taking selfies back stage.” Awww. She’s right, taking selfies is so much fun.

Even husband @BillClinton jumped in, quipping, “Is someone missing?”

The only thing more amusing than this family tweet sesh is the thought that all of the missives could be coming from one social media assistant.

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