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Rumor Roundup: Miley Cyrus Descends on Silicon Valley and Goldman Guys Love Uber

Photo by mileycyrus • InstagramJust Being Miley. We don’t know what Instagram did to deserve this, but leopard-print leotard Miley Cyrus paid a visit to the company’s offices this week. She appropriately posted a picture of herself on her zany Instagram account acting all “rock and roll” or whatever she’s trying to be like today. Look at all those poor employees trying to feign interest!

But Instagram wasn’t the only social media HQ treated to a visit from Ms. Cyrus this week. She was apparently on a tour of the Valley to promote some new song of hers (not the one on those Bravo commercials). Silicon Valley Business Journal combed through her tweets and pieced together her itinerary:

“She flew here in a BlackJet and commissioned a fleet of Uber SUVs to take her to Zuckerberg Media (run by Mark Zuckerberg‘s sister) and tour the Instagram and Facebook office in Menlo Park. Later, she spent more than an hour at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco, where she addressed the entire staff at a private, onstage talk. She ended the night meeting the iTunes team in Cupertino.”

Wonder if Sheryl Sandberg had her stop by the Lean In circle.

Hot Tip. You heard it here first: Uber is the next Facebook. That’s according to two Goldman Sachs analysts, rather “dudes,” pontificating in the back of a @NYCTaxiCabTales vehicle, where no secrets are safely contained. Suck it, Lyft.

Say Cheese. Social media holdout Seth Rogen caved and set up an Instagram account — and a Facebook – to promote his new movie. But instead of getting a nearby teen to set up his Insta up like a normal person would, he went all the way to Instagram HQ in San Francisco to have founder Kevin Systrom hook him up.

“It feels silly that we didn’t do this years ago,” said Mr. Rogen, who apparently is now using the royal we.

Mr. Rogen says he won’t be handing Instagram duties off to a PR flack. His updates will all be his own — or his wife’s. The actor already has 15,000 Instagram followers, but he himself is following no one. Like a boss.

Roll the dice Spotted on the subway: A Rap Genius sticker slapped on top of an advertisement for the New York Lottery. If this was Thomas Pynchon’s upcoming novel about Silicon Alley, we’d say that as a symbol for the devil-may-care riskiness of venture capital, it’s just a bit heavy-handed.

20130605 113256 Rumor Roundup: Miley Cyrus Descends on Silicon Valley and Goldman Guys Love Uber

Bitcoin at the Box Office? Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss appear to be partnering with VICE for a documentary on Bitcoin, according to a photo posted to their venture capital firm’s Instagram account. The location tag for the photo is Winklevoss Capital’s New York headquarters. Messrs. Winklevoss are neck-deep in the Bitcoin game, making big investments in the currency and holding a stake in BitInstant. Just check their Twitter feeds — all Bitcoin all the time.

(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram)

Pardon? Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée got a little personal in his latest blog post: “I have my own ideas about Cook’s well-controlled behavior, they have to do with growing up different in Mobile, Alabama. But since he’s obviously not keen to discuss his personal life, I’ll leave it at that and envy his composure.” If you’re going to bring up the fact that Tim Cook is gay, that’s a pretty roundabout way to do it.

Tech kids: 1. Finance: 0. The New York Times’ Dealbook blog cyberstalked some finance interns and chronicled the waves of emotion the poor kids experienced on the job. Feeling inspired, we tried to do the same with the indentured students of the tech sector. We searched #internship, #facebook, #twitter, etc., and came up with bupkiss. Turns out tech kids are too smart to broadcast their work experience — or tech companies warned them social media boldness would get them the ax. Either way, bravo for the attention to online identity preservation.

toilet vineIt’s potty time. Yesterday, an employee of VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk told us he wouldn’t be surprised if the social media expert and real-life Michael Scott makes his designated content-creator take a Vine of him visiting the loo. It turns out Mr. Vaynerchuk’s been there and done that. He posted this good-natured clip about the weirdest place he’s ever Vined and, well, you know the rest.

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