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Rumor Roundup: Enthusiastic Tumblr Engineer Gets Yahoo/Tumblr Tattoo and Elon Musk Is Adorkable

The masterpiece (Photo: Tumblr)

The masterpiece (Photo: Tumblr)

Fuck Yeah Tumblr Tats Tumblr engineer Jeremy Johnstone, whose love for Tumblr’s now-parent company Yahoo has been chronicled in these pages before, did something totally normal: he got a Yahoo/Tumblr tattoo permanently inked to his shoulder blade.

To be more specific, Mr. Johnstone, who previously owned a car completely covered in Yahoo logos, got a Tumblr “t” and a Yahoo “Y” tatted to his skin. Conveniently, together they stand for “Thank you,” which is great because he feels sooooo thankful to have devoted the majority of his career to working for these two fabulous companies.

Writes Mr. Johnstone:

Learning of the merger, I wanted to come up with something to truly show my eternal thanks to both companies who have been so instrumental in my career. I brain stormed with many people and ultimately came up with this idea. What better way to say Thank You than to literally have it tattooed on ones back? Go big or go home, right? Fuck Yeah!!

Think the move will convince Mr. Karp to think more highly of his own employees? At least one didn’t look particularly thrilled about Mr. Johnstone’s fresh ink:

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

Who’s that boy? It’s Musk What do Google cofounder Sergey Brin and indie dreamgirl Zooey Deschanel have in common? Tesla cars, apparently (though Mr. Brin’s is substantially flashier). Earlier this week, the New Girl star was spotted picking up her boyfriend in a Tesla Model S—the controversial electric sedan that hit U.S. roadways last summer. With celebrity endorsements like Ms. Deschanel’s, maybe Elon Musk will have the profitable 2013 he so desires. Get Amanda Bynes in a Tesla, and we bet he’ll be set.

Hollywood singularity Stars, they’re just like us! They keep copies of futurist bibles on their nightstands just to appear smart and/or totally down with robots should they begin their inevitable takeover anytime soon. Marie Claire recently asked human eyeroll Olivia Munn what exactly she keeps next to her bed. In addition to some strawberry lip balm and a 980,000 volt stungun, Ms. Munn also stocks a copy of The Singularity Is Near by father of the future Ray Kurzweil. Cool. Cool cool.

No jerks allowed Across the pond at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Tumblr founder David Karp ibashing other social media sites for condoning nasty behavior. Meanwhile on Tumblr, everyone is the nicest. “We’ve taken a lot of work making Tumblr a nice environment,” Mr. Karp reportedly said. Wonder if Mr. Karp thinks that “nice environment” includes the author of Jesus Christ Silicon Valley?

Fakeblock me First it was frozen bananas, now it’s an IRL Fakeblock app. “Arrested Development” is making its way off the TV screen and into our daily lives. Everyone’s favorite musical-instrument-cum-faux-privacy-tool Fakeblock is now available on iPhone and Android. We just hope Never-Nudism isn’t the next thing from the show to make the jump to the real world.

Beast mode Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (a.k.a. Zuck) acclimated himself with Instagram’s video feature by breaking character and posting something sort of interesting. It’s a filter-free video of his Swiffer mascot-turned-dog, Beast, running around at his California chic bungalow. It really resonated with the community, too, forcing one person to write “Cool I have a dog lol.” WORTH IT!

Beast bouncing around

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