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Rumor Roundup: Demi Does BuzzFeed, Grouper Hosts a Speakeasy and Will Someone Please Buy Woz a Tesla

Mr. Berger and Mr. Lehman (Photo via Grouper)

Mr. Berger and Mr. Lehman (Photo for Grouper via Partygramm)

Grouper get together Last night Betabeat ventured to Chez André at The Standard for a popup speakeasy for Grouper, an online “social club” that matches groups of friends up with each other for a night out on the town. The crowd appeared to be populated by the well-groomed facet of the technology sector–maybe it was heavy on the fintech and fashtech arenas?–with besuited bros and well-dressed ladies sipping drinks from the open bar and swaying along to Icona Pop.

In the crowd we spotted Kim Taylor of Bravo’s foray into tech TV, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley. Ms. Taylor told us that she was recently accepted into Techstars’ next class for her new edtech startup Ranku, and that she’d relocated to the West Village just this week. Digg general manager Jake Levine kept us company as we waited in the interminable line for the bar. Rap Genius’s Tom Lehman and Dan Berger showed up, as did Google’s Clarissa Striker, BuzzFeed’s Hillary Reinsberg and Paperless Post’s James Hirschfeld.

When they started handing out the glowsticks and Grouper sunglasses, we knew it was time to make our exit, so off into the torrential downpour it was.

Unleash the Beast Fans of Beast Zuckerberg rejoice: The animate dustmop is now the subject of his very own pack of Facebook stickers. TechCrunch writer Josh Constine, for one, is pretty psyched about this development: “Personally, I’m going to throw around Beast chasing his tail when a friend is being indecisive, and the puppy dog eyes when I need a favor. Please please pleeeease can I be your +1 to the sold-out concert?”

Call us when we can send messages via Facebook fox.

Doxxed Bad news for Snapchat sexters: with the new version of iOS, you won’t be able to know if your Snapchat partner has screencapped your sexy snap or not. That didn’t seem to bother BuzzFeed president Jon Steinberg, who apparently sent an inappropriate snap to Thrillist cofounder Ben Lerer:

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Mr. Lerer screencapped it.

Desperately seeking relevance Showing off honey-blond waves and facial skin that looks like it’s treated with human stem cell lotion every morning, none other than Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Instagrammed a pic of herself, hands on hips, looking sassy. It wasn’t just any Instagram, though, as this one bore a message: “On my way to VICE to strategize for launch of #secretproject! The Revolution is coming soon!”

What on earth could this mean? Well, Ms. Ciccone has been rapping about a “revolution” and “compassion” and “love” and other Chicken Soup words on her Insta for some time now. If VICE is getting involved, maybe this means Madge will be donning a bustier and driving around in a sketchy van, snarking on people’s outfits? That would be great. But knowing VICE’s new direction, and hers too, it’s probably got more to do with a documentary to expose human rights violations in third-world countries. Which is acceptable, too.

Heads up to VICE, though: don’t be the dicks who say Her Madgesty looks amazing “for her age.” One person commented under the photo, “still beautiful!!”, and that person is probably dead now.



Post-moRTem The epic shitstorm surrounding Alec Baldwin and his wife may have been caused by a technical glitch. Read: all involved are blaming Twitter.

After a MailOnline reporter wrote that Mr. Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, had tweeted during James Gandolfini’s funeral service, the erstwhile Jack Donaghy freaked the fuck out, unleashing a homophobic string of obscenities aimed at reporter George Stark.

But the Baldwins assert that the original four offended tweets from Mrs. Baldwin, which covered issues like smoothies, Rachael Ray, the “circle of life” and wedding anniversaries, bore the wrong timestamps and it was ALL. TWITTER’S. FAULT.

Mrs. Baldwin swears she didn’t send the tweets during the funeral and that a Twitter glitch caused them to bear the wrong timestamp, with each one marked three hours earlier than it was actually sent. MailOnline has released a statement accepting her assertions and calling the situation a “genuine misunderstanding caused by a baffling defect in the Twitter platform.”

Let’s repeat Mr. Baldwin’s homophobic remarks lest anyone forget: he said that the Mail reporter who originally wrote the story, George Stark, was a “lying little fairy.” Mr. Baldwin also said he’d like to place his foot inside Mr. Stark’s butt, “but you’d dig it too much.” Quite a vivid imagination you’ve got there, Alec.

Oh, Ohanian We’re at a loss to explain the latest tribute to Alexis Ohanian, CEO of Reddit and would-be President of the Internet. He writes on his Facebook page: “Zach Weiner did a draw-off on /r/comics to promote his awesome new kickstarter campagin — somehow I got roped into it.” The result, we warn you, cannot be unseen:

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 4.10.16 PM

LOLvatics Walking hot mess Demi Lovato paid a visit to BuzzFeed headquarters this week, and their employees made damn sure you knew about it, too. A bevy of excited BuzzFeeders tweeted out pictures of Ms. Lovato’s visit in preparation for, I guess, her album? Maybe it was for the new season of X Factor? Whatever. I do know they deemed her a “celebrity contributor,” so hopefully the pay is better than for being a “community contributor.” Regardless, we’re excited to see her listicles of Simon Cowell’s expressions.

Woz’s wheels All that billionaire Steve Wozniak wants for this birthday is a Tesla Model S. He shied away from buying one earlier this year, which prompted the company’s founder, Elon Musk, to write a pissy letter complaining that he was buying a “gas guzzler” and that he “wasn’t a Silicon Valley boy.” Way harsh, Tai! He isn’t totally against getting a Tesla in the future, telling the Verge his wife might buy him one in August for his birthday. Maybe Zooey can take him for an inaugural spin?