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On Wall Street, ‘Everyone Snapchats Weird Shit’

Models, bottles and other motifs of corporate life.
gordon gekko from wall street On Wall Street, Everyone Snapchats Weird Shit

“What do you mean, screenshot?”

In between pushing piles of gold brick around and saying racist things in elevators, bankers are getting in touch with their inner teenagers by obsessively Snapchatting all day, New York Magazine reports.

The Financial District’s finest gravitate to the app because typical social media photos tend to linger, liable to pop up in a higher-up’s Google search, while Snapchat photos disappear after they’re viewed. Well, for the most part.

So what are Wall Street’s overgrown bros sending each other all day? “People are generally sending shots of cubicles, laptops, airports and other motifs of corporate life,” one former banker told New York. Scandalous.

Another (more fun) Snapchat connoiseur told the mag a typical banker may send a shot of a busy boite with “AT A BAR” scribbled on top a la Perez Hilton. Another said Wall Street types like to show off their “models and bottles” via Snapchat, no doubt making their parents proud.

One source said that instead of awaiting approval from friends before posting photos of debauchery to Facebook, “everyone Snapchats weird shit.” Knowing bankers, we assume this translates into the occasional horrifying unsolicited dick pic. So bros, keep in mind: you’re not immune to screenshots.

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