The Perks of Being a Developer

Newest Reason to Become a Developer: So You Can Stay Home and Chill With Your Dog

Strange that we've never heard Mayor Bloomberg address this perk.


If the higher than average salary, luxurious perks and godlike status aren’t enough to convince you to eschew your liberal arts major and pursue a career in computer science, perhaps this will.

Web developer Damien Sowers writes that he decided to pursue his current career path when he noticed how much his dog hated when he left the house. Learning to code, he reasoned, would allow him to work from home and spend as much time as possible with his dog Deimos, “a master of Tug o’ War and decimator of sticks.”

On Medium, Mr. Sowers writes:

I wouldn’t be a programmer today if it weren’t for my intense desire to find a lifestyle which would make Deimos happy. In other words, I wouldn’t be happy today if I didn’t sacrifice my previous life for my dog. I’m sure I would still be in graduate school, poor and miserable and covered in organic toxins from the lab.

Please excuse us while we sign up for a Codecademy class so we can spend more time snuggling with our cats.

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