Linkedin Makes It Even Easier To Find Out Who’s Stalking You

At least this is better than Cinco De Linkedin.
Photo: Udi Milo

Photo: Udi Milo

If all social networks were members of your family, Linkedin might be the boring uncle who talks about the inner workings of his accounting job at parties. Solid career advice, but you’re not exactly craving hourly updates.

But Linkedin has one feature that sets it apart from its online brethren — the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” page, which provides users with a list of their social media stalkers.

Usually, it’s former classmates or potential business associates who’ve been checking your credentials. But every once a while, when a bitter ex pops up among the list of voyeurs, it’s nothing short of day-making. And now, luckily for the curious among us, the section’s getting a facelift.

Linkedin product manager Udi Milo announced in a blog post today that the site will be streamlining the beloved feature, “rolling out a new, simplified look and feel.”

The redesign should “make it easier for you to get a snapshot of who, what, and how you are being discovered on Linkedin,” he writes. In addition to the page’s more elegant look, premium members will have access to the previous 90 days’ worth of stalkers, with new data ripe for obsessive analysis.

Roll-out of the redesign starts today, and Mr. Milo advises users to “stay tuned as we look to bring you deeper, more actionable data-rich insights from Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”

Hopefully, those new “insights” will include a section for pics with your new squeeze, perfect for striking some serious FOMO into the hearts of your exes.

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