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Learn to Socialize by Talking to Your Computer

Because it's not like that was the problem in the first place or anything.
Yeah, this is defintiely making him less weird. (Screengrab: YouTube)

“So I was thinking we could go back to my place?” (Screengrab: YouTube)

If there’s one thing that will make weird engineering students less awkward, it’s more time spent in front of a computer.

That seems to be the idea behind MIT’s new My Automated Conversation Coach, or MACH. The software provides a digitally animated pal for you to interact with, VentureBeat reports. The program then analyzes eye contact, facial expressions, speech patterns and behavior. 

And as if the thought of a socially awkward person practicing for a job interview by talking to his computer wasn’t heart-breaking enough, MIT is recommending MACH to calm first-date nerves, too.

But hey, this could be a good sign for computer nerds everywhere — the path to a fully digital girlfriend just got a little bit shorter.

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