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Lauren Conrad Won’t Tell You Which Instagram Filter She Uses So Don’t Even Ask

Sorry for trying to be interested in you, Lauren!

Here's a normal person. (Photo: Instagram)

Flawless cat eye execution. (Photo: Instagram)

Lauren Conrad, a person, has assembled a diverse resume since leaving The Hills. She’s an accomplished fashion designer, a noted author writing sentences in a book, and apparently really good at Instagram

In an expansive interview with the Huffington Post, Ms. Conrad dished about a lot of interesting things. For starters, she revealed that her “must-have” thing for Summer was “probably sunscreen,”  that her guilty pleasure are those crappy Gilt sales, and that she doesn’t have a celebrity crush because Jason Wahler isn’t famous.

Also, she’s launching a website in September that involves “artists and groups all over the country and doing kind of fun pieces.” Sure.

But when the conversation turned toward #tech, it got really interesting. She revealed the secrets behind her Instagram account, that has magically amassed two million followers and is the perfect lifestyle guide for BBs everywhere:

What filter do you use for your Instagram … because we want to use it too. 
I’m literally Instagramming right now! I use an app. It’s actually a little different every time, but the photos just tend to kind of all look the same. I use a different app and then I upload them to Instagram.

That literally didn’t answer the question.

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