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Kim K Kan’t Believe You Would Sell Those Pics of North West

But you might be safe Snapchatting them.
She's not kidding. (Photo: Getty)

She’s not kidding. (Photo: Getty)

Extremely famous person Kim Kardashian is apparently hell-bent on keeping pics of her newborn daughter out of the limelight (at least until a lucrative deal is brokered, knowing her). 

Ms. Kardashian is sending fake photos of a decoy baby to acquaintances to weed out press informants. So far, one person has taken the bait and tried to sell the pic to a tabloid, The Daily Mail reports. So if you happen to receive a photo of a neonate from Ms. Kardashian, don’t go to the press and keep it the hell out of your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Maybe Ms. Kardashian and Kanye West are holding out for a Vanity Fair famous emo baby cover redux. In the meantime, we’ll continue to tide ourselves over with creepy renderings of the baby’s possible face.

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