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Journalism Is Dead, Long Live Journalism: Anonymous’ News Site Launching Soon

"Basically, we don't give a damn about exploding Kardashian butt implants."
(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

Back in April, the hacktivist collective Anonymous raised almost $55,000 to go towards building a news site that could extend its coverage of current events and breaking news beyond its popular Twitter account, which is followed by over a million people. Yesterday, more info about just what the site will encompass was released on–of course–Pastebin.

The release states that the new site, which is currently still being built, will incorporate Twitter integration along with a live chat feature. It will rely heavily on aggregation, primarily sourced to independent news organizations, as well as citizen journalist contributions that will “be held to specific standards in regards to its quality, authenticity and relevance.” To clarify? “Basically, we don’t give a damn about exploding Kardashian butt implants.”

Meanwhile, @YourAnonNews was recently hacked by the Rustle League, perhaps in an attempt to show solidarity with other news orgs.

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