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John Mayer’s New Music Video Inexplicably Stars the Prancercise Lady

Waiting on the World to Prance

Yep, it's true: the Prancercise lady is back.

Yep, it’s true: the Prancercise lady is back.

Today in news that literally makes no sense, it appears that John Mayer’s latest music video stars the Prancercise lady—as in, the lady who developed an exercise regime based off the movement of horses, and who might actually believe she is a horse. We’ll give you a second to sit with that.

Mr. Mayer’s team announced the release of the “Paper Dolls” music video via Twitter this morning, and hinted that we should all “get ready to Prancercise”:


Clicking on the YouTube link confirmed our wildest hopes and most devastating fears: that Mr. Mayer had, indeed, teamed up with Prancercise creator/viral video sensation Johanna Rohrback to create the single weirdest music video we’ve seen this year. Mr. Mayer is nowhere to be seen; instead, there’s Ms. Rohrback with her signature blown-out hair and high wasted pants, talking in that creepy, demure way to the camera: “What about a prance to romance to? So what about Romancercising to John Mayer’s ‘Paper Dolls’?”

Before the Prancercising—sorry, Romancercising—can take place, Ms. Rohrback delivers some words of caution: “If you’re pregnant or nursing, you should consult a physician before you Romancercise. However, if you’re not pregnant or nursing, why not consult Jarrad?” Um, who is Jarrad? Moving on.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.45.57 AM

What follows is the typical Prancercise ridiculousness—namely, Ms. Rohrback prancing and flailing through her neighborhood streets, this time to the tune of Mr. Mayer’s sultry melodies. The lyrics to “Paper Doll” appear in white text across the screen. Really, people: what is this? We’d be certain it was a joke, had the video not been uploaded by John Mayer’s official site, and announced via a verified Twitter account.

It all seems a little strange, but maybe Mr. Mayer is a cultural genius, and we’re witnessing the birth of the music industry’s newest trend: viral video sensations starring in A-list music videos. Let’s just hope the producers of Yeezus aren’t preparing to dial up Grumpy Cat.

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