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iPhone Users Spend More Time on Their Phones, Make the Worst Dates

Bet they're real fun at parties.
(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty, PM Images)

Finally, a reason to maybe date an Android user! According to data from Experian Marketing Services, iPhone users spend 26 more minutes on their phones per day than Android owners, clocking in at an hour and 15 minutes of phone use compared to Android users’ 49 minutes.

Despite the devices’ touch-and-go keyboards, a big chunk of that extra time is spent texting: Android users spend just under eight minutes a day texting, while iPhone users spend twice that at 17 minutes.┬áiPhone users must make for absolutely riveting dinner company, then.

Both Android and iOS keyboards are infamous for their shoddy autocorrect features. Users’ issues can lead to many an accidentally pervy text, somehow always in conversations with parents, and immortalized through screenshots on blogs and Facebook. But apparently, these errors aren’t irksome enough to send users running back to phones with comparatively mistake-proof keyboards that have actual plastic buttons (miss you kind-of, 2007 Blackberry Curve).

Experian’s data may also be the definitive proof that rich ladies are chattier than brooding John Wayne types, at least on their cell phones. Data from Hunch shows that iPhone users tend to be female, urban, higher-income and extroverted, while Android owners are more likely to be male, suburban or rural, introverted and without high school diplomas.

And nearly 98 percent of smartphone users eschew daily video-watching on their devices, Experian found. Can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to take in the latest Game of Thrones ep through a battery-draining, data-use-annihilating, miniscule phone video.

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