Thielin' It

Immortal Billionaire Peter Thiel to Write Book Your Weird Uncle Will Give You for Graduation

(Photo: Wikipedia)

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Peter Thiel, the dashing PayPal founder who was born when Ray Kurzweil and a unicorn cyborg mated beneath a full moon, is adding “author” to his long list of accomplishments. The New York Times reports that Mr. Thiel, a utopia-obsessed angel investor who spends a large chunk of his life convincing impressionable geniuses to eschew college degrees, is currently working on a book about “building companies” called Zero to One.

“I’m writing this book because we need to think about the future for more than just 140 characters or 15 minutes at a time if we want to make real long-term progress,” Mr. Thiel said in a statement published by the Times. “’Zero to One’ is about learning from Silicon Valley how to solve hard problems and build great things that have never existed before.”

So, tornadoes then?

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