Shut Up and Take My Money

Here Is the Perfect Christie’s Auction for the Engineer With More Money Than Sense

Got a couple hundred thou lying around? This Apple-1 could be yours!
$$$$$ (Photo: Christie's)

$$$$$ (Photo: Christie’s)

Looks like we found yet another place to spend those ever-escalating engineering salaries: chichi Christie’s just announced “First Bytes: Iconic Technology From the Twentieth Century.” It’s an online-only auction of rare tech gadgets, including an Apple-1 made by the Woz himself in 1976, long before his days of kicking it with Kimye.

Bids start at $300,000, the AP reports, and it could go for $500,000. Perfect for one of the umpteen dudes who just sold their company to Yahoo. Or, you know, Ashton Kutcher. Also on offer: a 20th anniversary Macintosh from 1997 and a prototype Macintosh portable PC from 1989.

If you’d prefer to hang onto your money for, let’s say, your kids’ college fund, you can still see the Apple-1 as long as you’re in Silicon Valley. It’ll be on display at the Computer History Museum from June 24 to 27.

Of course, Kim Kardashian will probably just end up buying the damn thing for Kanye.

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