Dollar Shave Club’s Latest, Greatest Idea Is Baby Wipes for Bro Butts

"More people wipe butts than shave."
(Screencap: YouTube)

(Screencap: YouTube)

When last we heard from Dollar Shave Club, a razorless Dennis Crowley was wondering if the subscription service e-commerce startup was a “meme/hoax,” as he had signed up but not yet received his “fucking great” razors. Now in an effort to “own the bathroom,” DSC is launching a new product, but this one, folks, is for your butt.

Business Insider reports that today DSC announced a new product called “One Wipe Charlies,” which are quite literally the wet wipes that you use to clean up an infant, but for the butts of grown men. Apparently toilet paper is a $9 billion industry, and DSC is hoping to tap into that market (sorry, Charmin).

“Great things happen when your ass feels fantastic,” DSC’s CEO Michael Dubin told Business Insider. “We want to service your face, ass and everything in between.” Are we sure this is a line of butt wipes and not a full-service massage parlor?

DSC surveyed a group of men and found that 51 percent of them use butt wipes on the reg. A perfunctory canvassing of one mostly-dude IRC room revealed something shocking: guys really, really do like butt wipes. “Butt wipes are a marvelous luxury,” remarked one participant.

Now please enjoy this video of Mr. Dubin talking to you about poop. Disruption!

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