Content Monster Gary Vaynerchuk Is Launching His Own Talent Agency for Vine Stars

And you thought the Vine resume was bad.
Mr. Vaynerchuk (Screenshot: Vine)

Mr. Vaynerchuk (Screenshot: Vine)

In the future, everyone will receive their 15 minutes six seconds of fame, at least according to VaynerMedia founder Gary Vaynerchuk, who has spared no expense in his insatiable quest for content. When last we checked in with Mr. V, he was having an employee Vine him on the toilet in order to worship at the throne of Content, which he believes is “the cost of entry to relevance in today’s society.”

Now, Mr. Vaynerchuk intends to monetize other people’s six-second pooping episodes by founding a talent agency. For people who Vine.

Suddenly the Vine lady’s resume seems sooo innocuous.

Fast Company reports that Mr. Vaynerchuk is officially launching a talent agency for people who have “artistically figured out how to storytell in six seconds.” So if you’ve somehow managed to get Vine to load on your phone without crashing, you’re totally in!

Mr. Vaynerchuk, who made his fortune using social media to build a wine business, is calling the agency “Grape Story.” It’s a pun. On “great.” Duh. The company has already inked a deal with Virgin Mobile, who will use the Vine stars like their very own native advertising machines, having them incorporate Virgin Mobile friendly messaging into their Vines.

No word on just which Vine stars Grape Story has signed up; think Mr. Vaynerchuk, content god that he is, can represent himself?

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