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Bratty Twitter Employees Exposed Via Twitter

Don't hate the players, hate the tech bubble.
Just your typical Twitter employee. (Screengrab: Twitter)

Just your typical Twemployee. (Screengrab: Twitter)

Vine might end up on App Death Row thanks to Instagram’s new video feature, but don’t feel too bad for the folks at parent company Twitter. If @twentitled is any indication, the biggest problem on their plates is too much steak and caviar.

The @twentitled account is allegedly run by a real-life Twitter staffer. In the same vein as @GSElevator and @CondeElevator, it chronicles overheard complaints and first-world problems of Twitter staffers.

Some of the sentiments — “This is why we need a retractable roof dome” — are clearly tongue-in-cheek. Others are a painfully envy-inducing:

Uptown Almanac says the tweets are legit, having gotten confirmation from a Twitter employee who knows the person running the account. Also, Twitter’s communications team “was crying a river over this today,” UA reports. Who’s to say whether those tears are from embarrassment or laughter?

Either way, the higher-ups at Twitter shouldn’t be too bummed. This is probably the best advertisement for working at Twitter they ever could have asked for.

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