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Bloomberg Hiring Social Media Director With Friendster Experience

Myspace would also suffice.
Bloomberg's next Global Social Media Director (Getty Images)

Bloomberg’s next Global Social Media Director (Getty Images)

Did you have a Friendster? Were you popular on Myspace for a time? Then you (and only you) might be qualified to be Bloomberg’s new Global Social Media Director.

In a job listing first flagged by Reuters reporters Felix Salmon and Shane Ferro, Bloomberg details the qualifications required of their candidates for Global Social Media Director, the first of which is “6-9 years’ experience required in social media and digital marketing.”

In other words, they want candidates who began using social media in 2004, when the dominant social media websites were Friendster and Myspace, which had launched only a year before. Facebook was still limited to Harvard students, and YouTube was just a Stanford wet dream.

According to the listing, Bloomberg’s Global Social Media Director will report to the Global Head of Social Media, who we imagine has even more social media experience, such as best practices for using the <blink> tag on Geocities pages.

Ms. Ferro is qualified, having started using social media ten years ago.

“I think I started as a freshman in high school?” Ms. Ferro told Betabeat in a DM. “My best friend was like…’Are you on Myspace?'” But she doesn’t think 6–9 years of social media experience should be a requirement. “Having been on social media for 10 years, I know that nothing matters (for professional purposes) before 2007–08,” she said. “There was nothing but navel-gazey teenage angst before then, right?”

Those with experience in both navel-gazey teenage angst and professional digital marketing can apply for the position here.

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