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BeautifulPeople.com Launches Recruitment Site for Unemployed Hotties

No ugly people allowed, apparently.
(Screencap: BeautifulPeople.com)

(Screencap: BeautifulPeople.com)

If you’re simply too attractive to hold down a typical job, BeautifulPeople.com–the dating site for, yes, beautiful people–has got you covered. The Telegraph reports that the shallow dating platform has launched an employment agency for its 750,000 members that seeks to place attractive people in jobs where the primary requirement for getting hired is a symmetrical face.

Lest you think this means all the available jobs will be for look-centric careers like modeling, a handful of normal workplaces like real estate agencies and bridal companies have signed up for the privilege of tapping into the pool of hotties registered on BeautifulPeople.com. “Attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more,” the site’s managing director, Greg Hodge, told The Telegraph. (In case you’re wondering, Mr. Hodge is a looker himself, if you’re into that spray-tanned, spikey-hair, looks-like-he-smells-like-10-bottles-of-Axe Ken doll thing.)

One woman even signed up to look for a nanny through BeautifulPeople.com, because her toddler “responds better to good-looking people.” Hypothetically, how old does a child have to be to start despising it?

“This isn’t an invitation for crack-pots to come and ogle our beautiful members,” Mr. Hodge added.

Count Betabeat out then.

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