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Bath Salts, Babes and Bills: John McAfee Returns With Bizarre YouTube Sketch

He's baaaaaack.
(Screenshot: YouTube)

(Screenshot: YouTube)

Just yesterday, Betabeat was considering the brief, bizarre rein of McAfee Antivirus founder and bath salts enthusiast John McAfee. How brightly he shone in those brilliant months last winter when he was on the run in South America for allegedly murdering someone in Belize. There was the tampon disguise and the one that probably made him look like a murderer; and of course, that time Vice magazine called us all suckers before accidentally revealing Mr. McAfee’s secret location through iPhone photo metadata.

Now, Mr. McAfee has burst back onto the scene in style with a bizarre YouTube video/comedy sketch where he mocks people who still send him emails about how much McAfee Antivirus software sucks and how they can’t figure out how to uninstall the damn thing.

Some highlights:

  • “I’ve had nothing to do with McAfee software for over 15 years. I’ve had more pressing things to do.” A beautiful woman then enters the frame and kisses him on the cheek, leaving a bright red lipstick imprint.
  • Donning a red smoking jacket, a woman lights a $100 bill, which Mr. McAfee then uses to light his cigarette.
  • Several scenes with a host of women bumping and grinding up on Mr. McAfee as he uses a complicated curly straw to snort a white powder clearly labeled “Bath Salts.”
  • “Nobody should have to use Xhamster.”
  • “15 years ago I had some beautiful software and they took it over and I don’t know what they did. It was like that time I hired that Bangkok prostitute to do my taxes while I fucked my accountant.”


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