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FBI Raids Anonymous Member Behind Steubenville, Westboro and Revenge Porn Operations

"I believe that standing up for the victims of Steubenville was right and I believe that going to bat for them was right."
Mr. Lostutter (Photo: Facebook)

Mr. Lostutter (Photo: Facebook)

In late 2012, an Anonymous member who went by the handle “KYAnonymous” quickly rose through the ranks of the hacktivist collective, at one point helming Anonymous’ biggest Twitter account, @YourAnonNews. He also helped to launch a slew of operations on behalf of his Anonymous offshoot #Knightsec, including those against Westboro Baptist Church and revenge porn proprietor Hunter Moore.

Now, according to court documents obtained by Gawker, KYAnonymous is revealing his true identity in the wake of an FBI raid on his home in April. He is 26-year-old Wincester, Kentucky, resident Deric Lostutter, a “hip hop artist and social activist” who now goes by the Twitter handle @Shadowrapz.

In a phone interview with Betabeat, Mr. Lostutter confirmed the raid on his home. He said he had been tipped off that the FBI was looking into him, but when nothing happened, he brought back his popular Twitter account, @KYAnonymous, and two days later the FBI showed up at his house.

In a post on the website projectknightsec.com, Mr. Lostutter writes:

As I open the door to great the driver approximately 12 F.B.I. Swat Team agents jumped out of the truck screaming for me to “Get The Fuck Down” with m-16 assault rifles and full riot gear armed safety off, pointed directly at my head. I was handcuffed and detained outside while they cleared my house. … The Swat team left my belongings in the floor, my dogs shocked, my family nervous, my garage door battered open with a ram though I stated I had a key, and the RV camper window broken for entry though I stated to pull hard on the door.

“They seized my computer, CDs, flash drives, xBox 360, and cell phone,” Mr. Lotstutter told Betabeat by phone.

“I haven’t been officially indicted yet, but they have the intention of serving a target letter, which means you’re officially going to try and be indicted by the FBI and Grand Jury,” he added.

Mr. Lostutter was a key figure in the Steubenville rape case, as he was one of the first to bring Anonymous’s attention to the incident and helped launch #OpSteubenville to hold the alleged rapists accountable. The FBI raided his home due to alleged communications they found between he and Noah McCue, known on Twitter as @justbatcat, who took credit for the hacking of Rollredroll.com, a Steubenville booster club site.

“I feel like [Mr. McCue] set me up or I got sold down the river,” Mr. Lostutter told Betabeat. “When people think of Steubenville, they think of KYAnonymous.”

Betabeat readers will be no stranger to Mr. Lostutter. We’ve interviewed him a host of times for stories about #Knightsec’s actions against Westboro Baptist Church and Hunter Moore. Rival Anons actually doxxed Mr. Lostutter back in February, but he denied that it was really him. He’s coming forward now to “to take control of the media,” he said.

Mr. Lostutter has sought the legal aid of Jason Flores-Williams, of the Whistleblower Defense League. Mr. Lostutter said he was introduced to Mr. Flores-Williams by Jay Leiderman, an attorney famous for defending hacktivists.

“I believe that standing up for the victims of Steubenville was right and I believe that going to bat for them was right,” Mr. Lostutter said, though he denies taking part in any hacking. “I’d stand up for them again if I had to.”

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