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Yahoo’s Futile Search for the Fountain of Youth Continues, With Talk of Acquiring Tumblr

They'll shell out big bucks for some youngs, apparently.
He's staring at a large pile of money, shimmering in the distance like an oasis.

He’s staring at a large pile of money, shimmering in the distance like an oasis.

Looks like there might be a suitor waiting in the wings for Tumblr, that scatterbrained belle of the ball. He’s a real gray-hair, though. According to AllThingsD, the blogging site is talking to Yahoo about the possibilities for an alliance, an investment or even a lock-stock-and-barrel purchase. Ad Week says the highly hypothetical price tag could be as much as a billion dollars.

At this point, it might be easier to keep a list of the startups Yahoo hasn’t considered acquiring.

AllThingsD pointed to recent remarks by Yahoo’s CFO as a rationale. Basically, the company would do almost anything to shuck its nursing-home aura:

“One of our challenges is we have had an aging demographic,” said Goldman at the Boston event. “Part of it is going to be just visibility again in making ourselves cool, which we got away from for a couple of years.”

More than a couple of years, buddy. But if there’s one thing Tumblr absolutely can promise, it’s hordes of users 18 to 24.

GigaOm suggests, though, that there could be another would-be beau ready to make an offer: “We have heard that Yahoo is worried that Facebook could swoop in at the last minute and beat it to the buzzer.” David Karp did turn up at the Facebook Home launch, but the notion is even more speculative than the Yahoo deal, which is far, far from a sure thing.

God knows with these two, though.

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